Are you thinking about investing in real estate? Investing in real estate affords you the opportunity to improve your cash position and create new personal wealth. Real estate is tangible, engages the art of negotiation, and will always have value even in the worst of times. You can also look for the real estate news archives and daily real estate post online.

How Real Estate Investing Is Your Money Maker | Investment Property Tips |  Mashvisor Real Estate Blog

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But real estate investing has risks that are serious enough to cause the opposite results to occur which is a loss of your cash and wealth.

1. Know your financial status and develop a financial statement

Analyze to determine if your expenses are less than 70%, you pay yourself 10% or more per month, and your reserves are 250 % or more of your disposable income. If so, your financial vital statistics reflect stability and good spending control. When your financial status does not meet these standards, you should still commit your data to paper and generate a statement.

2. Review your credit status

A review of your credit profile whether you have issues with credit or not is advisable. Be aware of the factors that increase your score such as type of accounts, decreasing outstanding balances, and timely payments. A low credit rating does not prevent you from investing in real estate, but it should get your attention to develop a corrective plan to improve your score.

3. Attend educational training seminars and workshops

The real estate industry is dynamic and has many moving parts. Your success is related to your education and training. You can take advantage of the many good webinars, seminars, workshops, and newsletters that are low cost or free. When you are beginning, I suggest that you attend to listen, learn, meet, and network.