Dancing is a passion of many. Dancing is a kind of art, which is perhaps the most original and expressive too. Dance is a full-time occupation for many. It isn't entirely real that dancing is a pastime only for a few. Everyone can dance. And the biggest thing is that it not only helps you distress yourself but even helps you remain fit physically.


Dancing has been proved scientifically to be among the most effective exercises on the planet. A half-hour of dancing is a great benefit to your body. What is the reason why most people believe that dancing can be more effective as opposed to regular exercise? The first reason is that dancing is more enjoyable than any other workout.

Dancing has many varieties. There is western dancing; there are many South American dancing forms, many classical Indian dancing forms, etc. You can take the best traditional Indian dance classes on https://www.pranavamschoolofdance.com/bharatanatyam/ from the comfort of your home. All of them are unique in their own way. And that is what is so great about dancing. The variety is completely enchanting.

A famous international fitness veteran says "When people are inspired by music, whether it's Afro-Haitian, contemporary R&B or disco, they want to move. Music is a motion, and dancing allows you to interpret music through your body." And now something surprising! A recent study has shown that couples who dance together "live long and prosper" together.

When couples dance together, it is seen that they get completely lost in each other's thoughts and travel to a romantic haven. And couples who frequently dance together continue to do so till death. So now that you are excited about dancing, let us see how you should plan your dancing regime.

It is important to take it slow initially. 3 times a week for 20 minutes is what you should begin with. For elders, it is better to do it once a week for 45 minutes. And as you start building stamina, you can expand the schedule to half an hour daily.