A glass or plastic screen protector is the perfect solution to minimize damage to all types of on-the-go electronic device. The Screen guards come in several different materials to enhance the ability to provide appropriate protection and minimize problems with unwanted marks or scratches on the screen. Here are some screen protectors:

PET Film Protector

The PET film is one of the most common options in the market and can provide many useful benefits. This mode provides a reliable solution to protect the screen at a relatively low price. There are many types of protector in this category that varies from plains to a matte finish. A big positive of PET film is easy installation and removal, as well as high transparency to see the crystal-clear.

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Liquid Protector

The purpose of the liquid screen protector is to provide long-term protection of the portable device against scratches that result from normal wear and tear, repels dust, and leaves a smooth feeling screen.

A single application of nano-coating technology is said to provide protection for up to 6 months. Plus, this type of screen protector has the ability to provide twice the protection of a more traditional films, while also resistant to water spills and provide anti-static qualities.