Material handling trays manufactured using a variety of materials, including pulp molded, expanded polystyrene, and plastic thermoformed. Comparing the main characteristics, thermoformed plastic provides the most benefit for two other types of materials.

Thermoformed packaging companies refers to the manufacturing process of heating and molding of plastic materials into packaging solutions. tray submit materials that are used in diverse applications in various industries, especially electronics and medical. In general, these trays can be produced as disposable or reusable containers.

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Some of these applications include:

Robotic process 

The robotic assembly has made a major breakthrough in the manufacturing process. When companies use automatic handling equipment during production, they require trays and pallets are designed to exact specifications.

For example, when a large volume of product is moving through the production process, the robotic system puts them in packaging trays.

This automation requires each product to be placed on the tray material handling in the exact same position in accordance with the specifications.

The product must remain in a fixed position and do not move while traveling from one location to another.

Protective dunnage delivery

Dunnage refers to packaging that helps to transport attachments during shipping. The aim is to prevent damage during transportation. In the past, wood was commonly used to protect cargo shipments. However, thermoformed plastic parts today provide superior protection, storage efficiency, and cost savings.

Transport of medical glass bottle

Plastic trays to protect sensitive packaging during transport. The tray is designed so that a certain product can snap into place and will be held firmly to prevent damage while moving.