If you're committed to the removal of hair with lasers, it's crucial to select the right facility. Experience is the most important factor and should be the primary element in your decision rather than the cost or guarantee. 

In reality, if you come across a laser hair removal service that claims to achieve total hair removal, you may want to consider giving the facility a chance. Results differ from person to individual, and it's impossible to ensure complete hair removal for every person. You can also search online for more info about the best medspa laser hair removal treatment.

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There are laws in your area governing the requirements a person needs to possess if they're conducting laser hair removal. Be sure to verify that the practitioner you choose to use complies with them.

If you've decided that your skin and hair color makes you a good candidate for hair removal by using lasers then there are a variety of recommendations for pre-treatment. The first is to be sure to avoid tanning before treatments. If you've just tanned then it's advisable to wait until you've finished the treatment. 

Also, stay away from foods that are high in beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is one type of pigment that could darken your skin, and thus affect the circulation of laser energy into the hair's follicle.

However, there are a lot of advantages to using laser hair removal. It's not invasive and more efficient than messing around with razors, depilatories, or creams.