Screen printing is a traditional method of printing. It uses a stencil and weave mesh. This technique has been around since ancient times. Several civilizations have made significant improvements to their techniques. Screen printing originated in China and was later spread to other Asian countries.

In the later sixteenth century, screen printing was introduced to Western countries. Although there have been many improvements to the art of screen printing, it is still used to create high-quality fabric prints. If you are searching for the best screen printing firms, then you can browse the web.


Screen printing is used primarily for printing t-shirts. Screen printing is still a major method of printing t-shirts, even though digital printers are available in many markets. This is a clear indication that screen printing is still very popular. This is due to the fact that it is cost-effective. Although screen-printing can take some time to print a certain number of prints, they are possible in large production facilities.

The entire process of screen printing is broken down into separate departments in large printing companies. Every task related to printing, as well as its preparatory stages, is assigned to different departments based on skill and labor requirements. The entire production process runs smoothly and without clutter.

Digital printing is the modern version of screen printing. However, every t-shirt manufacturer has a screen-printing department. Digital print is not the only option for every print company. Each type of digital print has its pros and cons. Digitally printed t-shirts have the best quality. 

Digital printers can produce uniform computer-processed images on t-shirts. This led to the rise of photo-realistic tee-shirt prints. When it was first introduced, the method quickly became a fashion trend. Screen printing has become so popular that it is almost impossible to replace it with modern methods.