Visualisation is an excellent tool we may use to enhance our cosmic orders'. Now cosmic orderers' available will soon be visualising the end result of one's orders and imagining how you'll feel once they've been achieved. 

And that's the secret really, to enhance the sense' part of it. This attracts your own fantasies so much closer, so much faster. You can consult haptic media if you are looking for 3d visualisation.

3d visualisation

You can even use it to heal too. For instance, if you've got a gut problem, simply close your eyes and imagine an army of little men down there washing everything tidy. If it's really a headache, consider visualising your forehead bathed at a healing, soothing light. 

It doesn't matter exactly what your ideal picture is provided as it works for you. Or close your eyes for a couple of minutes and envision yourself radiantly healthy. Or when there is something your disease currently stops you from doing that you may love to do, then see yourself doing it. Get creative. 

That is half of the fun of it. One of my favorites for a quick pick me up if I'm tired and hot, would be always to visualise a beautiful waterfall and allow me to have a shower. I guess that the oceans have healing abilities too. Lovely!

For those who get a specific goal or fantasy, you'll love to manifest in your own life. Consider doing a brief visualisation around it every single day. Anything you're targeting, it can help when you can picture yourself within and feel that the achievement of one's objective.