Making resin jewelry can be as simple or as complex as you like. Are you casting a flower or paper into clear resin using a mold? Or are you adding some color to a pre-cut pendant blank? Whatever design and method you choose, you’ll need to bring this all together with jewelry findings.

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You can do this in a variety of ways depending on the tools you have and what you feel comfortable with.

  • Embed the finding in the resin as it cures. Remember that if you’re using molds you may need to remove the casting and add your own eyepin to the resin before it fully cures. Some jewelry makers may find that putting the eyepin in immediately after pouring the resin works well. Others find it easier to gently push the eyepin into the resin once it’s almost cured. Whatever method you choose, always check the resin and hardener you’re using to see how long you’ll need to wait to remove your resin pendant from its mold. This is no exact science. It’s a case of trial and error, so make sure you test this method out before adding eyepins to all your designs.
  • Drill a hole in the resin once it’s fully cured. Already have a pendant drill in your tool box? You may find it simple to drill a hole in your resin pendants once it’s cured so that you can add in your eyepin. With this method, however, you may need to add some glue or a tiny amount of resin to the bottom of your eyepin to make sure it’s secured in place. Remember to drill slowly so that you don’t go too far into your resin design and spoil the overall look you’ve created.