To generate free targeted traffic, you must know how to go about search engine keyword optimization. This is because optimizing your website or blog for placement on the first page of Google or Yahoo is the best online money making secret. Google,  Yahoo etc., are used by most people to search for information thus if you can optimize your website pages for common keywords you will definitely attract traffic.

Keywords are used to describe what is contained in a webpage. Therefore, if you can find popular keywords that advertisers are not competing so much for, then you will realize the full advantage of keyword optimization.

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Google, Yahoo and other search engines use programs called Crawlers and Robots to identify contents of a webpage thus indexing and listing it on search result pages. This therefore means that you need to have a search engine keyword optimization friendly website in order to be highly ranked.

Try and avoid presenting important information in the form of images since search engine keyword optimization is about reading textual content. In addition, avoid using frames on your webpage because it confuses Robot programs and your website will not be indexed hence be left out on page results. This also gives your readers a hard time when it comes to bookmaking your website pages.

For effective search engine keyword optimization, make sure that your pages are easy to load. Therefore, do not use wrong html tags to design your blog. 

Do not think that appearing on the first or second page of Google or Yahoo is difficult. Long gone are the days when search engine optimization was reserved for the internet gurus. Take advantage of the free targeted traffic and make easy money online.