The seeds of the Carob tree are extremely nutritious and beneficial to well-being. It is part of the pea family and indigenous to the Mediterranean region The dried fruit is commonly utilized as a substitute for the ingredients used in food items like cocoa, dairy products, bars, and snacks, as well as cereals. 

It is loved by those who suffer from aversion to chocolate since it's similar to cocoa and is a breeze to use in any recipe for cooking. It is also used as a Caffeine substitute in coffee. If you are quitting drinking coffee, you can try the best coffee substitute from

These are the amazing benefits of including Carob in your food.

1 It contains Gallic Acid which is used as an antiviral, antibacterial, Anti-allergic, and antiseptic.

2 High in Vitamin E

3  The high content of Calcium and Phosphorus

4 Lowers Cholesterol

5 Substitute for non-dairy milk

The Liver is Healing

The majority of my research has focused on the liver and how vital they are for our bodies and our overall health. Our livers are abused a lot in our modern society. the addition of Carob in your diet could help in aiding the healing of the liver. A healthy liver is essential in restoring the other parts of our bodies.