Oktoberfest is also known as the largest folk festival in the world. In general, this event is associated with fun and parties with an endless stream of beer. It's an entertainment-packed event with music, crafts, food, and drink all weekend long. 

Oktoberfest means "reason to celebrate" and is also called "Wiesn" by the locals, meaning "meadow". You can also visit www.oktoberfest.ca/traditions/oktoberfest-ambassadors/ to know more about Oktoberfest ambassador.

Germanys Oktoberfest

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Today is the most popular German festival celebrated all over the world. There are many Oktoberfest in countries like Japan and America. The inherent reason for this is that a large number of people of German descent and culture live in Canada, and an undeniable fact is that these festivals have a lot of food, drink, carnival, and other fun activities.

The purpose of the celebration is twofold: first, to thank God for last year's harvest, and second, to enjoy marriage with the people and families of the country. The meadow where the competition takes place is called Theresien-Wiese in honor of the Princess. 

Munich, therefore, remains the original place where Oktoberfest traditionally takes place, but there are celebrations in other cities as well. Millions of people visit the 64-hectare Theresien-Wiese. 

Germany's Oktoberfest has grown to become one of the largest folk festivals in the world, with more than six million visitors per year worldwide.

The Oktoberfest party is quite simple and fun to attend. All you need is a stock of German beers to pair with slap-on-the-lip roast chicken, grilled fish, and potato salad.