A very common complaint among dog owners is that their dogs get into trouble while they are away. They become destructive by chewing objects around them.

Separation anxiety in dogs can cause them to try to run away. This means that they will try to leave the room they are in, which could result in injury and/or destruction of the household, especially around windows and doors. 

If you notice your dog getting excited or anxious before you leave, or even depressed before you leave, your dog is suffering from separation anxiety and sometimes try to stop the guardian from leaving. You can also deal with separation anxiety in dogs by contacting an anxiety specialist.

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Another great sign of this problem in dogs is if they start barking or show other signs of stress soon after leaving, and when you come home it looks like it's been years since your dog last saw you. 

Here are some common symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs.

Chewing, digging, or crushing are all very good signs that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety and maybe hurting himself in the process. They can chew door and window frames and dig at doorways. 

Barking and howling are more of these symptoms. They bark or howl when left alone and then become stubborn. 

There are a number of reasons why your dog may suffer from being separated from you, although there is no convincing evidence for why dogs do this. Dogs adopted from shelters appear to suffer from separation anxiety more often than dogs raised by families from childhood, so the loss of an important person or people in the dog's life can lead to separation anxiety.