There are a variety of ways to make money from the value of your Telegram channel. Let's talk about the most well-known and intriguing monetization strategies:

Sell advertisements. This is a hugely well-known and widely used choice. Advertisements can be transferred to other channels for cross-promotion, or to brands and companies. Many agencies like provide various telegram channels according to your needs.

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Pay a subscription fee. The most popular subscription model offered by Telegram comprises two primary elements which are a public channel that has an enormous subscriber base as well as another privately-owned channel (or closed group) with premium content that is only available to paid subscribers.

Donations. Your subscribers can choose to give one-time "tip" for your posts or create recurring donations through Patreon;

Sell your services and products. With the assistance of the channel you can market nearly any item or service that you want to sell, including consulting services;

Paid messages. The niche message board is an excellent illustration. These job boards are as channels on telegram, which allow users to pay a fixed cost for posting jobs;

Sell third-party goods and services. Make use of affiliate networks. In this instance, it is monetization that occurs through a CPA system (using the affiliate networks). It is an example of a Cost per Action model – an advertiser is paid for the actions taken by users who visit his website by using your assistance. 

If a user buys something from an online shop by visiting the website using the affiliate link that is posted through your channel, you'll receive a portion of the purchase price.