Placing your logo on promotional products is one of the best marketing tools a business can use. Why? Because it exposes your company to lots of people. How exactly is the logo printed on biodegradable plastic bags? A printing process called flexography is used to print bags. Flexographic printing is a type of lithographic printing. 

With a simple explanation, the bag is pulled through a roller with the image and logo affixed to the surface of the bag. If you also want to have printed biodegradable plastic bags then visit and get your business towards higher success. Using biodegradable plastic bags will help businesses grab the attention of their customers and save the planet.

Flexo Printed Plastic Bags in Thanjavur - Manufacturers and Suppliers India

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Create A Work Of Art:

First, the image must be printed. Usually done in spot colors. Spot colors are solid colors without gradients. Images are usually created on a computer and divided into several colors. A separate flexographic printing plate is required for each color.

Make The Plates:

In flexographic printing, a printing plate is similar to a large print. The image printed on the bag is raised on rubber material. This type of plate is called a relief plate. The plate is made of rubber because it is stretched on a roller where the bag is pulled through a molding process.

Printing Process:

The bags are then placed in a printing press where they are printed. Ink starts in a pan where a roller known as an anilox roller collects ink from the pan and simultaneously applies it to the plate cylinder. A flexographic rubber base is wound around the plate barrel. When the plastic bag is pulled through the plate and die cylinder, the image is transferred from the plate to the bag.