Starting your children with golf may be one of the best things you can do for them. There are so many children who can learn from the game on a physical, social and emotional level and so many benefits they can gain from spending time on the green.

These benefits can have powerful and long-lasting effects on your child's development right through to adult years. You can also join the Golf Fanatics VIP Schools to play golf for your children.

The physical benefit of golf for kids:

One of the great benefits of playing golf for children is the physical benefits they will receive. This can have a major impact on their physical condition and well-being. Here are the great physical benefits you get from golf.

Golf Is Low-Intensity Training:

If you go to class and carry your bag, you are doing a low-intensity exercise. Children can learn to carry a small bag full of sticks on a 9-hole, par-3 course without weighing down their little bodies. In addition, they build muscle, breathe fresh air, and spend time away from video games and television.

Golf May Support Other Fitness Activities:

As children grow, they can supplement their physical activity with weightlifting and strength training, which supports their play. Yoga and Pilates can help develop the core strength they need to be stable when removed from the t-shirt box. Swimming and running can build endurance – making 18 holes much easier to play.

Golf Learn Proper Nutrition:

When children are young, parents have a lot of control over their food and make sure they eat a balanced diet. As they age, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of what they are constantly eating. But when your child plays golf, they'll quickly learn that a bowl of sugary cereal may not be enough to get them through the 18 holes with the result they want.

A balanced diet becomes important in achieving equality and although this may come through some trial and error, they will learn what works for them.