Usually, you can ship packages that are only a few pounds, and your regular courier can easily do that. However, you can run a business where all the packages out are tough. For example, you can supply heavy machine parts or electric transformers.

If that’s you, then you need to take a different approach to how you do things. For starters, when packing your parcel if it weighs 20 pounds or more, you’d think about shipping your item in either a very sturdy cardboard box or even a wooden box to pack. You can also find the best wooden crates through

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The same is true when you are sending very small packages which are also very heavy. It’s not a good idea to ship your package right away as the item will likely leave the package on its way.

When packing heavy packages, you should also consider the limitations of manual handling, because nowadays you can’t simply lift heavy loads and pack them without using a mechanical assistant to help you lift the goods.

You also need to make sure that your shipment is properly labeled and not just the country where your shipment is sent. “Warning – difficult!” maybe understandable in England, but when sending packages to South America no one understands English. Therefore, you will need it with the appropriate label for the country to which it is shipped.