Zebra batteries offer high-quality replacement with enough power for a wide variety of applications. Due to the lack of memory effect and modern lithium technology, the battery has a long service life.

Each cell in the battery is tested separately to meet professional standards. You can easily purchase zebra zq520 great capacity batteries from several online resources for the best experience of quality.

Batteries are furnished with several protective circuits such as overheating, overcharging, short circuits,s, and overvoltage. It is 100% compatible with all mobile printers.

The ZQ520 series kit is a high-capacity battery that allows your printer to effectively monitor its operating parameters. The battery also supports a status indicator that allows users to monitor its status and notify you when the battery needs to be removed from service or charged.

The smart battery supports three states namely good, bad and interchangeable. With this status, you can analyze whether your printer is working or not.

Insert battery, the battery goes into sleep mode to maintain its maximum capacity before first use. After the process is complete, follow this procedure to properly install the battery in the printer.

The safety of your battery is an important concern. Use a charger specially developed for Zebra batteries to protect the battery and printer from damage. Avoid accidental short circuits in the battery.